Statement on Reed/DeMaio Pension Measure from Dave Low, Chairman, Californians for Retirement Security

July 21, 2015

“This is yet another destined-to-fail attempt to eliminate the retirement security of teachers, firefighters, school bus drivers and other public employees they have earned and agreed to in good faith at the bargaining table.

“Polling and the most recent high-profile election on this issue in Phoenix, Arizona, where voters rejected a similar effort, shows that voters consistently say they don’t want the complex issue of retirement security decided with 30-second political sound bites. Divisive political campaigns, funded by out-of-state special interests like Texas Enron billionaire John Arnold, won’t make anything better and will ultimately be tied up in the courts for years.

“Governor Brown and the Legislature enacted a package with bipartisan backing that will save $55 billion in PERS savings and billions of dollars more in state and local jurisdictions. Pensions have been capped and public employees are paying 50 percent of normal costs. Californians want those changes to work, and won’t fall for this political stunt from a failed Mayor and an extreme, right-wing radio talk show host."