Squeezed in the Public Sector

May 9, 2011
By Andrew R. Mccllvaine, Human Resources Exeutive Blog

Government work ain't what it used to be.

Working in the public sector once offered a secure job with plush benefits. No longer.

These days, federal, state and municipal workers are seeing pay freezes, furloughs and layoffs. And on top of increased scrutiny over pay and benefits, more and more states are reconsidering collective-bargaining rights of state employees.

The cumulative effect may be tarnishing the prospect of government work for many would-be public-sector workers and curtailing the sector's ability to attract top talent.

"It is getting harder to get highly skilled individuals to join the public sector because of the uncertainty around wages and benefits going forward," says Ken Lewis, client relations director for Kenexa in Denver. Read more here.